Germany men get first win of Nations Cup Cologne

The fans were treated to the third rousing game of the day at the Nations Cup Cologne as Germany men took on the current world champions Australia.

The start of the first quarter Australia had the upper hand, pulling in front with a small lead of five points. The Rollers then started to switch up their lineups and Germany pulled it back to level the score 17-17 at the first quarter break.

Australia Rollers gained the momentum back in the second and won the quarter 21-16, to hold a slender lead of just five-point, 33-38 at halftime. The third quarter went to Germany, winning it 19 – 15 and making it 52-53.

It was all to play for the final quarter with only one point in it, and again the Australian’s pushed out to an early five-point lead. Germany’s scoring efficiency proved valuable in the last quarter as they brought them the game back to take the lead with one minute left on the clock. The time to short for Australia to find a reply and it was Germany who took the win 69-68